Everyday stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, social situation and environmental factors usually contribute to appearance of disorders associated with sexual life. However, such issues are temporary and get better after a while. But if you experience any disorders related to sex functioning for a long time, you need to consult your healthcare provider and get proper treatment. Premature ejaculation serves one of the most embarrassing male conditions that feature an inability to perform long after penetration. Usually, men affected by the condition cannot control ejaculation and experience it right after the penetration or even before it. If such a state of things is satisfactory both for you and your partner, you have no reason to worry, but you need to discuss the issue with the doctor if it bothers and embarrasses you.

Generally, the condition occurs with minimal sexual stimulation and leads to unsatisfactory sex. Besides, premature ejaculation may trigger other physical and psychological concerns. Nevertheless, timely medical assistance may help and manage your ability to control ejaculation and be able to delay it. Talk to your healthcare provider, inform him/her about accompanying health disorders you have and follow his/her directions in order to advance your sexual life and bring it to the next level.

Top Reasons of Premature Ejaculation Occurrence

Premature Ejaculation treatmSince there is no universal cause of premature ejaculation, you need to discuss the health disorder with your doctor and find possible solutions. Just a few years ago, the inability to prolong ejaculation was considered a psychological disorder only, while after several investigations it was concluded that biological factors should also be taken into account. Thus, currently, premature ejaculation is thought to be triggered by:

  • Biological reasons, including inherited traits, urethra or prostate infection or inflammation, increased or decreased hormone level, abnormal level of neurotransmitters and others;
  • Psychological factors, such as depression, sexual abuse, embarrassment related to poor body image, early sex, feeling guilty, worries about possible premature ejaculation appearance;
  • Other causes may include anxiety, erectile dysfunction, relationship issues and others.

Risk Factors of Sex Dysfunction and Complications Triggered by It

Try to avoid the concerns that activate ejaculation disorders. Besides, keep in mind that there are certain conditions that increase the risk of sexual dysfunction occurrence. Most frequently premature ejaculation appears in men, who experience accompanying erectile dysfunction. Anxiety and fear of an inability to have satisfactory and pleasurable sex usually interferes with an ability to prolong ejaculation. Another essential factor that advances the danger of condition stimulation is stress. Over 70% of people diagnosed with premature ejaculation prove mental and emotional strain, promoting a negative impact on sexual functioning.